Monday 6 December 2021


Origami is great for Christmas decorations, just takes a lot of work:

30 red papers, 60 green, Tomoko Fuse of course. Will have to choose a nice place for it, I shouldn't hide it in my little office.

Finally got around to watching some of the Mandalorian. As my favorite "reviewers" say, it's ok. Not terrible, not great, very TV showy although well put together. Worst thing is that Gus Fring is in it, urg. Close second is that Mandough had to take his helmet off, but it was part of the robot arc so not the worst. Best thing, hmm, not as obvious, probably that it's not as bad as the sequels, if a sentence like that makes any sense. Yet another thing that shouldn't really be under the Star Wars label. I still won't pay the rat myself. Oh wait, I mean Disney. Btw how many things does Favreau do?

Turned out Larsen Tzigane is not for me. I thought I'd like soft strings, but they feel mushy and the supposedly complex spectum makes the sound somehow less sparkly. They're not bad, however I like the good old Dominant + Gold E better. I'll try the cheap Pirastro Tonica (discount Dominant, nice) next, but I'll play the Tziganes 'til their natural demise. Been thinking about trying some rosins too, but what I should actually do is just play more and stop thinking.

Almost Christmas!

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